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Duncan Crow's Glyconutrient Pudding Recipe

A few years ago, while considering how 'glyconutrient jam', a natural alternative to processed glyconutrients, must taste, I came up with this idea to make it more palatable as a pudding.

Of eight conditionally essential glyconutient sugars, five occur in aloe, two in undenatured whey, and one in coconut cream. The preferably long-chain inulin is deficient in the normal diet and good for the bowel ecology, the psyllium is for pudding thickening and fecal bulking, the undenatured whey markedly increases your antioxidant pool especially glutathione, and the vitamin C we know about. Vary the flavour with the cold-processed whey isolate or concentrate drink you choose; it's also an excellent protein source.

Most people should also add selenium to their custom blend; the amount varies even for healthy people depending on the arsenic, a chronic selenium depletor, in their drinking water. 200-600 mcg should be about average.

I'm kind of indifferent to the inulin source because even natural inulin will correct bowel dysbiosis, but I mentioned long-chain because some people may prefer sugar-free FOS free or naturally long-chain inulin as the shortest chain components are readily fermented by a wide range of organisms. A new inulin source, agave cactus, has a higher percentage of longer-chained inulin than jerusalem artichoke, dahlia and chicory.

I personally chose aloe vera gel because pressed whole leaf aloe contains an irritant, and I chose psyllium powder over other thickeners because it gels well enough to make pudding with and unlike some gums it does not support most bacterial growth.

Someone mentioned using ground flax as a thickener; in my view flax isn't a particularly good thickener or a much better food than other seeds. The omega-3 oil in it, LNA, apparently is not the 'essential' fatty acid it's commonly thought to be; it does not convert well to EPA and DHA, and otherwise it is useless to us. Case in point -- breast fed babies raised on LNA-free breast milk survive if EPA and DHA are present.

Here's an example recipe:

Basic Health Pudding - Strawberry Kiwi

36 grams of undenatured strawberry-kiwi whey concentrate
5 grams (a teaspoon) of inulin
5 grams (a heaping teaspoon) of psyllium powder
60 grams (about 2 oz) aloe gel
2 grams ascorbic acid
110 grams (about 4 ounces) coconut cream (giving up to 18 grams of coconut oil and some natural xylose)
4 oz. water or juice; adjust for consistency

Add good stuff you're probably deficient in, such as a dollop of deodorized EPA and DHA (not flax oil), a pinch of potassium chloride, a 1,000 IU capsule of vitamin D, one or two 200 mcg selenium, empty into it one or two vitamin E gelcaps, a teaspoon of liquid lecithin - those kind of things hide in there OK.

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