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Asthma Regimen

Summary: Follow the Water Cure and use a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium multimineral supplement like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate or Now Full Spectrum Mineral Caps. Perform Dust Cleanup.

When the Water Cure was first popularized on the internet, a Water Cure proponent who owned an automobile parts website (Cee Kays Auto Parts) quickly cured himself with this therapy, as well as a few other people he knew. He was so convinced that this method was so effective it would work for everyone that he offered a $25 credit on his website to anyone who used the Water Cure and was not quickly cured of asthma. It is not known if he still makes this offer.

This is all that is usually needed and should be done long term. Asthma often appears to merely be a hydration deficiency. Much water is expelled by the lungs during respiration. If there is not enough water available for normal body functions, the lung's alveoli and bronchioles constrict to minimize the loss, but in the process making the lungs much less efficient in its functions of absorbing oxygen and dispelling carbon dioxide. Plus, when there is not enough water in the body the normal mucus which protects the lungs becomes thicker, adding to the problem.

Minerals such as calcium and especially magnesium are also important. They control smooth muscle and nerve function but are also important for relaxing muscles including the lungs, relieving constriction. Other minerals are likely important, too, including sodium (provided in the Water Cure) and potassium, which should be gotten by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Having adequate minerals and water in the body greatly reduces histamine response as well, if allergy triggers are a problem. It is astounding that doctors who administer intravenous magnesium to save the lives of patients who are suffering a severe asthma attack do not recommend that their patients consume at least the recommended daily allowance (the amount necessary to prevent deficiency symptoms like asthma and heart disease) of magnesium each day.

There can also be other potential causes of asthma, but the primary ones above should be addressed first. Others include parasite problems, especially of roundworms. Since roundworms travel through the body including the lungs as part of their lifecycle, there can be a lung reaction to their presence. If this is the cause, the Antiparasitic regimen can be used. If symptoms immediately become worse for two or three days, then get better than before in subsequent days, this could be the most likely cause.

Lung disorders can also be caused by excessive reaction to dust or fibers or toxins like mold and solvents. Even if they are not the basic cause, they can still be a trigger for reactions so should be addressed regardless. See the Toxin Avoidance section for more information.

Chronic sinus infections can cause symptoms simliar to asthma as the mucus drains into the lungs. If this is a problem, see the Sinus Infection regimen and keep them clean with Nasal Washes. Using sinus supplements such as oregano oil and olive leaf extract also address parasite problems, but not as effectively as the Eclectic product recommended in the parasite regimen.

For short term relief of asthma symptoms, Enzymatic Therapy makes a product called Air Power, which decongests and opens up the lungs and the sinuses, addressing excess mucus production. This is a palliative since it does not address a base cause of asthma, but it can be used to relieve short term problems. It is primarily recommended by eRegimens as the main supplement to use in the Snoring Regimen. Further symptom reduction can be achieved by providing additional nutrients for the lungs such as bromelain (pineapple enzyme), which reduces allergy symptoms, enhances circulation, removes clots and other obstructions of the circulation system, digests protein and oils so they are better assimilated by the body, and fights parasites.

If food triggers one's asthma attacks, it is necessary to follow the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet, avoiding potentially allergenic foods. In the meantime, go ahead and avoid some of the worst foods to cause the problem such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Wheat products sometimes trigger asthma attacks. This is probably not related as much to wheat's harmful effect on the digestive tract or blood sugar levels as it is from potential mold contamination. Peanuts are sometimes implicated too, again probably more for the mold toxins.

As Hulda Clark recommends, asthma inhalers should always be carried with one for many years even after asthma symptoms are no longer a problem. A relapse of the program combined with an asthma trigger can always cause the problem to return.


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