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Detox Reaction Regimen

Summary:  Use The Water Cure, using the full amount of Real Salt as directed.   Ensure adequate mineral intake with a Multimineral.  If extra action is needed, use Planetary Formula's Stone Free. 

A Detox Reaction is typified by mild Herxheimer symptoms, which occurs when pathogens, toxins, or cellular debris are attempted to be removed from body tissues faster than they can be processed by the liver, kidneys, and other avenues of elimination.

Detox issues are important when using bioelectronic modalities such as a rife generator.  Detox reactions can occur when the kidneys, liver, blood, and lymph are overloaded by processing too much cellular debris after a rife session or any other antiseptic regimen.   Common terms to describe it are "flu-like" and "brain-fog."  Lymph nodes may also swell.   Rifing should not be done if there are still detox symptoms from the last session.  If detox is not handled properly, sessions may not be able to be run as often as is necessary to control the problem, in which case all is for nought, so it can be essential.  The best single treatment to prevent or treat a detox reaction is The Water Cure.  This is typically ALL that is necessary, assuming that adequate amounts of a good salt, like Real Salt, are consumed, but additional measures can be taken if detox reactions are severe and/or frequent.

One person who suffers chronic candida (yeast infection) and has experienced the reaction many times made the remark, "Got my typical Herx reaction: cold, dizzy, light-headed, faint, can't-really-think-straight feeling." Others describe it as a "bone-tired feeling." If a treatment is particularly effective, the onset of the detox reaction can begin within a couple of hours of exposure to a bare-rife device or other bioelectronic device.

Minerals and water are the most important agents to combat detox reaction.  Base minerals are most needed.  The major ones are sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Potassium is available when eating a good diet, including fruits and vegetables.  Pineapple juice, for example, is a good daily source (it is usually best to avoid potatoes and orange juice, though - see Eat Right 4 Your Type.)  The Water Cure provides the necessary sodium.  Use the salt as directed and use more short term if symptoms persist. 

Calcium and magnesium can come from a good multimineral supplement like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate. This is a 1:1 ratio calcium magnesium, the best type for cleansing. Use 3 to 6 capsules before bed with water. Also good is Enzymatic Therapy Kreb's Cycle Calcium Magnesium.

Planetary Formula's Stone Free gently stimulates the liver and kidneys to better dispose of waste.  Ensuring adequate amounts of vitamins and minor minerals can be useful and is accomplished by using a multivitamin such as NSI Synergy Basic version 2.

In some cases it is essential to provide additional enzymes to process cellular debris in which case a product like Enzymatic Therapy MegaZymes or bromelain would be a good choice, taken in large amounts both with and between meals. These also have the benefit of reducing inflammation, which can be helpful in fighting detox reaction.

In extreme cases it is helpful to use vitamin C to bowel tolerance to help flush toxins including metals, but be careful to replenish minerals (and water) since this removes them from the body.

Detox Reaction from the Electroherbalism website:

Detox reaction is a flu-like feeling that one gets when parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are killed in the body, by conventional or alternative means. One person who suffers chronic candida (yeast infection) and has experienced the reaction many times made the remark, "Got my typical Herx reaction: cold, dizzy, light-headed, faint, can't-really-think-straight feeling." Others describe it as a "bone-tired feeling." If a treatment is particularly effective, the onset of the herxheimer can begin within a couple of hours of exposure.

Muscle and joint pain become more pronounced. Reactions typically last up to two days but can last longer if steps are not taken. When the kidneys, liver, colon, and lymph are working effectively and there is plenty of water, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients, the reaction will be unnoticed for most minor infections. Treatments which can kill pathogens should not be resumed until the reaction has passed, except in rare cases.

Physiological effects of a herx include an increase in uric acid, which is neutralized by the body by giving up base minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Urine output is increased by the body to clean the kidneys, and this dehydrates and also depletes minerals, like the ones above and selenium, all which are important in regulating heart function. This dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is likely the main culprit for most of the symptoms.

Until the body has recovered, antipathogenic treatments can not be continued or the load will build up and make it that much worse. If one is fighting a pathogen which requires treatment every three days and is not taking steps to minimize detox such that four days or more are required to recover, it is of no use to continue treatment.

Hopefully this illustrates how very important it is to control detox reactions.

Summary of necessary supplements from Electroherbalism Cancer Regimen, and is appropriate for treatment of most maladies.The following MUST be taken in sufficient amounts to be able to withstand therapeutic use of a Bare-Rife generator without side effects. It is best to start at least two days before treatment commences. It is also advised to eat adequate protein and (good) fats, plus plenty of non-starchy vegetables.

Magnesium - 100 to 250% RDA per day. Oxide form is laxative, but very inexpensive. Use if there is elimination difficulty. Chelate forms like AA chelate, citrate, asportate, etc, are not as laxative, and should be used if there is diarrhea. Use less if loose stool persists and is not welcome

Calcium - 50-150% RDA per day. Carbonate form can cause hard stools, but can be used with magnesium oxide to balance if money is short. Best are chelate forms like asorbate, citrate, AA chelate, but carbonate form is best if there is excess stomach acid.

The preceding two supplements are typically available together in a cal-mag supplement. Two with a 1:1 ratio of cal-mag are Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate (contains some magnesium oxide), and Country Life Calcium Magnesium Potassium (all chelates). Use this type if is there is any elimination difficulty. If stool is typically too loose, use a 2:1 ratio chelated cal-mag like Solaray Calcium Magnesium or Country Life Calcium Magnesium Complex.

Sodium - up to 100% RDA per day in diet. Do not use a low sodium diet unless necessary. KAL Real Salt is the best salt product to use.

Potassium - at least 100% RDA in diet. Found in most fruit and vegetables and also in No Salt, which is potassium chloride. If not enough is eaten, consider using potassium citrate.

Water - at least 1/2 gallon per day. Use carbon filter tap or pitcher water as from a Brita, Rubbermaid, Pur, etc.

High potency multivitamin which includes 400IU vitamin E, 25000IU beta carotene / vitamin A activity, 70-200mcg selenium and chromium, and 100% RDA or more biotin and folic acid, like VegLife Multi (small caplets), Nature's Way Daily Two, or Twinlab Daily Two.

Optional Cleanser. Use if the above supplements do not prevent detox reaction. Choose one or more of the following: Essiac tea, kombucha tea, Euroalt tea, Planetary Formula's Stone Free, Nature's Herbs Dandelion Goldenseal, Nature's Herbs Dandelion Yellowdock, Nature's Herbs Dandelion Goldenseal, Nature's Way KB, Michaels KID, Naturol Diurtabs. Do not use more than one strong diuretic. Use less if there is too much pressure in kidney or bladder.

An inexpensive, easy, and effective plan for cleansing is to dissolve 4 Stone Free tablets in 2 quarts of water. Drink throughout the day. If this is not enough action, take up to half recommended dosage tablets along with it. Chew fennel seeds to improve the action of the turmeric (in Stone Free) and to prevent stomach upset or acid indigestion, if desired. Use of Stone Free is highly recommended since it is an effective liver cleanser as well as a highly regarded lymph and kidney supplement. It is also a good antioxidant, such that the supplement below will probably not be needed.

Optional Antioxidant. Use an antioxidant/antiinflammatory if any swelling results which is not caused by edema (water retention) or controlled by above supplements. Stone Free contains turmeric, one of the best antioxidants for the money, and in addition to the ones included in the multivitamin, should be plenty for most purposes. If more action is needed, the following are all good. Choose one: cat's claw, Now Boswellin (mostly curcumin, which is turmeric extract), bromelain/vitamin C/quercetin combination, pau d'arco, grape seed extract. Kitchen herbs may also be used as discussed in Electroherbalism regimen.


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