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Gout Regimen

Summary:  Do The Water Cure and use non-acidic bromelain capsules such as NSI Bromelain in large amounts, improve intestinal flora, and clean the liver if necessary. Use an additional antiinflammatory (such as curcumin) if needed for temporary pain relief.  Avoid red meat, red wine, and beer. 

The Water Cure is essential.  It should be begun immediately and used long term.  Alcohol and coffee should be avoided, but if they are not, note the instruction "For every 6 ounces of alcoholic beverage or coffee, an additional 10 ounces of water must be drunk due to the dehydrating effects of these."  Using this one simple, cheap method may completely solve the problem in a few days, but for fast relief, supplements and other measures should be used.

Gout is caused by uric acid crystals and usually occurs in the hands or feet.  Besides the painful effects of the glass-like crystals irritating the tissues, sometimes massive inflammation occurs.  Uric acid crystals form from undigested protein so whatever amount of enzymes that is required should be taken to prevent further deposition for a quick resolution.

The next step is using a bromelain supplement such as NSI Bromelain or other good non-acidic high potency enzyme product in sufficient amounts. Enzymes which contain acidic components such as ox bile or HCL should not be used. The reason is that this type of product cannot be taken in high enough amounts without causing stomach upset, not because the acidic components would add to the problem (see below for further information). Use triple or more recommended dosage with meals to digest protein and between meals to relieve pain and inflammation.  Using enzymes in sufficient amounts along with plenty of water will solve a gout problem quickly.  The most common error is using too little. 6 to 10 bromelain capsules of 2000 GDU potency at one time is not an unreasonable serving size when fighting an acute attack of gout.

Bromelain potency is measured in either gelatin digesting units (GDU) or milk clotting units (MCU) per gram. MCU is generally double the GDU. Anything over 1200 GDU or 2400 MCU is a high potency product. 2000 GDU (4000 MCU) is maximum potency. Inferior bromelain products can be as little as 200 GDU in which case six to ten times more capsules (36 to 100) at a time may be necessary.

Bromelain is particularly good to take for gout since in addition to digesting the protein, the incomplete digestion of which caused the problem, it is also very good to address pain and inflammation. If one is having to use a very large amount to prevent symptoms, consider adding Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes, since it has more protein digesting power for the money, but has less antiinflammatory action.   

Rosemary oil used topically, rubbed on the area of inflammation (do not apply to broken skin), can greatly relieve the pain immediately.  If the oil is irritating at all to the skin, dilute with olive oil until it is not.

Despite being the most recommended supplement for gout, cherries are not really that effective except taken in huge amounts and even then, do not work nearly as quickly as the above regimen. In severe cases they do not appear to provide much immediate benefit.  They are still a healthy supplement in other regards, and can add to the effects of a good regimen.  Bing or black cherries should be used, at least a half pound per day.  Instead, cherry concentrate can be used.  Tree of Life makes a liquid one available in health food stores.  It is a thick syrup which can be mixed with water to make a tasty drink.  Three tablespoons three times per day is a good dose (this is 4.5oz per day).  Enzymatic Therapy Cherry Fruit Extract capsules can be used instead.  They state, "One capsule equals 16 fl oz of cherry juice."  Six capsules per day is the recommended dose. 

Watermelon seeds and the fruit itself are a classic remedy for gout.  Even without gout, watermelon seeds can be eaten for the nutrients they provide.  Dry seeds are available at some health food or middle eastern markets, although they are usually so tough they are difficult to eat. Fresh ones are easier to consume. Like any seeds, they should be chewed well.

Using enzymes to fight gout is a palliative action. For long term relief, the basic causes should be determined and repaired. There are two:

Liver dysfunction. When the liver does not produce adequate enzymes and acid for effective digestion of protein it can be a sign there is toxin or mineral accumulation. Using a liver cleanse is beneficial in this case. Or, it could mean there are insufficient nutrients being provided to the liver, usually magnesium and/or B vitamins, for it to produce enzymes and acids. In this case, see the General Maintenance Regimen. For a multimineral, choose a high magnesium content type such as Now Full Spectrum Mineral Caps, Enzymatic Therapy Kreb's Cycle Chelates, or Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate.

Unbalanced Intestinal Flora. Beneficial bacteria consume uric acid before it is absorbed by the intestines, so gout can also be an indication of an unbalanced flora.  Consume adequate raw vegetables and fruits.  Eat yogurt if favorable (Horizon or Stoneyfield Farms), or drink Helios Kefir (a yogurt-like drink which probably replenishes favorable bacteria better than most yogurts), or take a beneficial bacteria supplement like PB-8 or Jarrodophilus.  Helios makes the only "real" kefir that is commonly available.  Most of the products that call themselves kefir are just liquid yogurt, and not even good yogurt at that. Better than all these supplements is Cultured Cabbage Juice, but is a bit less convenient than supplements.

In some cases, gout could be caused by insufficient circulation to the hands or feet, since there is not enough blood flow to carry away the waste products. The methods above, in particular bromelain, the Water Cure, magnesium, and other nutrients will address this problem. It can also be caused by a simple mineral deficiency of calcium and magnesium. When there are insufficient alkaline minerals in circulation, there is less ability to neutralize acid deposits. Also, calcium is necessary to activate digestive enzymes. In this case a cal-mag like Enzymatic Therapy Kreb's Cycle Chelate or Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate can be used.

However, if the measures above have been tried and failed to produce significant results within 48 hours, and there is sufficient hydration, mineralization, and enzymes in the body, Hot and Cold Water Immersion can be used to immediately stoke the circulation in the hand or foot. Be warned that this method will temporarily cause increased pain and inflammation as the blood (including the immune system cells which will remove the debris) comes rushing to the area, but the increased circulation will cause the problem to be more resolved much more quickly if there is insufficient circulation.

This regimen is also reprinted on the website http://goutsupplements.com/


From Mercola.com. Mercola states that high fructose corn syrup may also play a factor in the initiation of gout. Some agree.



Well I have 2 anecdotes for you that (to me at least) proves there are not the same.

1) If I drink typical "corn syrup" Cokes regularly (1+ every day) for an extended time (week or so) I will develop gout in my foot. I can switch imported Cokes (from Mexico) that are sweetened with sugar and the gout will go away.

2) My mother (in her late 50's) was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (shortly after being treated with major antibiotics for a suspected MRSA infection). She can drink a bottle of US Coke and her blood sugar will spike extremely high (I can't remember the #'s, but 600-900 sticks in my head). If she drinks the Mexican Cokes it is unaffected...

But you can rest assured that there is no difference, because those pushing this crap on us tells us so!


A few years ago I had an attack, out of the blue, of gout----At first I thought I had actually, somehow, broken every bone in my foot!

My doctor told me it was gout and wanted to prescribe all kinds of medicine but I said no and did a little online research and started drinking  copious quantities of Sour Cherry juice which I bought at the local Trader Joe's.

Within a week or so it completely disappeared. I also have limited my intake of shell fish and protein but, basically, the cherry juice "fix" has cured it. A friend who is an Old Timer told me that in "olden days" when folks had gout they were told to eat a bowl of cherries.... so what goes around.......

I like to read historical letters and journals and sometimes I will read that someone in the 18th century died of gout!

All I can think of is what a way to go! Whew.


I cured serious gout on a 50 plus gentleman in two weeks, with 1000iu mixed tocopherols, nartural vitamin E,


I take a 600 mg tablet of Bromelain on an empty stomach 2 times/day when I feel a twinge of gout (also arthritic twinges).  Usually takes care of the problem before the 2nd dose.  I did the same thing both times I had a synovial cyst on the back of my hand (from surgical excision of trapezoid, each hand).  Surgeon expected to do second surgeries for the cysts but I wiped each one out using Bromelain within 2 days.  They never returned.  Now he recommends it to his patients (quite a sacrifice for him, income-wise!).

Bromelain seems to consume uric acid (and some other bad protiens) in the joints and surrounding tissue.  I'm sure Doc Mercola could expand on Bromelain's uses...
























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