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Head Lice Regimen

Make a strong tea with thyme powder and apply to hair, then also rub in olive oil. Let sit a half hour. Rinse and comb. Repeat as needed. Blow dry hair on a regular basis to prevent recurrence.

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are one of the many varieties of sucking lice (singular "louse") specialized to live on different areas of various animals.

For even faster action, take a bubble bath (use Miracle II or other "super-surfactant" soap), also adding thyme leaves in a mesh bag to the bathwater and soak hair underwater. Instead of thyme and olive oil, can instead use neem oil which works faster and is more convenient, but more difficult to obtain. It is available inexpensively at Camden Grey Essential Oils. It is cold pressed and unlike essential oils, can be used straight on the skin or scalp.


Head Lice at AGORA



Camdengrey Essential Oils




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