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Hepatitis Regimen

Summary:  Use very high to ultra high dose Vitamin C for at least 48 hours followed by high dose long term.  Use FutureBiotics Silymarin Plus or Now Silymarin at double recommended dosage, Enzymatic Therapy ThymuPlex, and schizandra berry capsules.  Use The Water Cure to speed results and prevent detox reaction.

Using 50 grams per day of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) each day for two days can lower viral count as much as 80% in 48 hours.  After two days of using it at this level (after building up slowly if necessary), can cut back to high dose until the disorder is controlled.  To use 50g per day, use 1/2 to 1 tsp (2.5 to 5g) ascorbic acid (mix in water) every waking hour.  See Vitamin C regimen for more information.

Silymarin should be used, too.  Either FutureBiotics Silymarin Plus or Now Silymarin or other good silymarin combinations can be used at double recommended dosage the first two weeks followed by recommended dosage long term.

Enzymatic Therapy ThymuPlex contains thymus gland extract and other useful ingredients for fighting hep.  It needs to be taken at three times recommended dosage, but the new formula contains too much zinc for this to be done by people who cramp when excessive zinc is used.  If this occurs, use half Enzymatic Therapy Thymulus, which is thymus fractions with astragalus and no zinc, and half ThymuPlex.

Schizandra berries are effective against hep when used long term.  Capsule products are available but they can be hard to find, but Nature's Way does make one. Schizandra berries can cause stomach upset even at recommended dosages, so start with a single capsule at a time.

If protein and/or fat cannot be digested because of lack of enzymes, consider using a digestive enzyme product like Enzymatic Therapy Megazymes or Twinlab Pancreatin, two or three with each meal, or as many as necessary so no digestive discomfort results from eating. 

Some experience water retention due to the disorder.  The Water Cure is usually the best thing to relieve this, but some people with hep cannot handle the salt, and if there is not good throughput, the amount of water can dilute secretions of the liver and make it harder to digest food.  The Silymarin Plus will help relieve this due to the dandelion it contains, but if it is still not enough action, consider using additional dandelion root.  Dandelion root not only improves liver function, it is one of the safest and best diuretics, too.  It is rich in minerals including potassium.  Capsules can be taken as directed but what is better is to make a large amount of weak tea and use instead of water.  A teaspoon of root powder or a couple of (non-roasted dandelion root) tea bags to a half gallon makes a pleasant tasting tea.  Dandelion root tea bags can be hard to find in non-roasted form when in tea bags.  Roasting is supposed to make it taste a bit like coffee, but IMO this ruins the pleasant taste. 

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