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Lupus Regimen

Summary:  Practice The Water Cure.  Deparasitize and if necessary, follow an antifungal regimen long term.   Practice the Zone Diet while taking Eat Right for your Type into account.    

For the medium to high dose vitamin C specified in the antifungal regimen, use Nutribiotics Ascorbates Bio-C, which is vitamin C with a good deal of bioflavanoids and minerals.  If sensitivity to the sun is still a problem after deparasitizing a week or two, use a PABA supplement (1000-1500mg per day) until it no longer is, but do not use any other B vitamins until the antiparasitic and antifungal regimens have been followed at least three weeks.  After that, consider using a good Multivitamin. If sufficient magnesium and calcium are not being consumed (as from using the Nutribiotic product) also use a Multimineral.  

Vitamin D used in very large amounts, such as 10,000 IU per day may also be helpful to fight the problem. If this huge amount is used more than a week at a time, it is necessary to have blood levels of vitamin D checked on a regular basis to ensure that toxic levels are not reached.

The Zone Diet should be followed as well as possible, consuming adequate protein and good oils while avoiding starches and sugars, while taking Eat Right 4 Your Type into consideration.  For example, it is usually not beneficial for blood type O's to be  vegetarians.  They do best eating moderate amounts of animal protein (including 2-3 small servings of red meat per week) while blood type A's should follow a mostly vegetarian diet.  All blood types should eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables.

To ensure adequate essential fatty acid intake, an EFA supplement can be used.  Good ones include Carlson's Fish Oil.  It comes in lemon flavor for those who find the taste objectionable. Another good product is Jarrow's Omega Balance.

If there is any inflammation or pain, use an antiinflammatory like bromelain or pancreating (Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme) in large amounts   Bromelain or Megazymes can be taken in whatever amount is necessary to fight pain, up to two or three times or more recommended dosage.   Choose the Megazymes at first if there is any problem digesting protein or fat, then switch to one of the others after a bottle's worth to find the one which controls symptoms best.

If there are any heart or circulation disorders, consider using CoQ10 in whatever dose can be afforded - 200mg per day is a good dose but even 30mg per day is beneficial.  This also helps repair mitochondrial disorders which can be a problem in lupus.


















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