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Non-Toxic Shampoos for the HairToxin Free Body Care

Summary:  The following Health and Body Care items have no petrochemicals or potentially toxic solvents, metals, or other ingredients listed on the label:

Most Aubrey Organics products 

Real Purity products 

Dr. Bronner's, Chica Bella, Granny's, AFM, and Burt's Bee soaps

Tom's products that do not include propylene glycol, polysorbates, or any other petrochemicals

Peelu, Oxyrich, Auromere, Ecodent (powder), most of Tom's of Maine toothpastes, and any others without petrochemicals.

Burt's Bee products without SD alcohol 

Essential oils produced by distillation (not "absolutes" like rose or jasmine oils which are processed with benzene). 

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Palma Christi or Heritage Castor Oil

Weleda Diaper Creams and Ointments

Badger Sunblocks and Sunscreens, zinc oxide base (see Sunscreen section)

Products and recipes recommended by Hulda Clark

Plain emu oil

Just a few years ago, many allopaths believed that chemicals used on the skin were not absorbed into the body. I suppose they believed this right up to the point that transdermal patches came on the market. Even now, it is common to find doctors who believe that even beneficial (natural) agents cannot cross membranes or through the skin.

Clark gives recipes for health and body care products including cosmetics in her books. Some work well, some do not.  They are all safe, though, so are the best to use if there is serious illness caused or contributed to by toxins.   Many people will not go through the hassle of making the Clark recipes and using these commercially available recommended items should at least reduce petrochemical and other toxin exposure a great deal. 

If it was desired or necessary to immediately stop using all health care items with petrochemicals or other toxins listed on the label yet not spend a lot of money, two things would suffice for me.  Dr. Bronner's soap and Aubrey Organics Men's Deodorant.  The Aubrey is one of the only effective toxin free commercially available deodorants I have found.

Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps are available in squeeze bottles and can be used for many things, not just as reading material for the wacky label.  It comes in a few formulas - a favorite one is the Hemp and Almond Oil.  They can be used as shampoo, body wash, shaving lotion (works better than any shaving cream), dishwashing soap, liquid handsoap, and wherever else foamy soap is needed. 

Real Purity advertises solvent and toxin-free health care products including makeup, deodorant, shampoo, hairspray, etc. They even mention Hulda Clark in their ads, and her admonitions against isopropyl alcohol and other solvents used on the body. Their products are expensive, but are very good quality.  They are available only online and not sold in health food stores.

Aubrey Organics products are widely available in health food stores and all of them are toxin-free as far as the listed ingredients are concerned.  Most of them are excellent.

Some of Tom's products are petrochemical free such as the bar soaps, the vegetable glycerin liquid hand soap, most of the toothpastes, and the shampoos.  The baby shampoo is very good, and most people prefer it to using Bronner's as a shampoo.

Be sure the toothpaste one uses does not contain any petroleum byproducts.  The following health brands are reportedly completely solvent free: Peelu, Oxyrich, Auromere, and Ecodent powder.  There are many more available which do not list petrochemicals on the label.  Remarkably, all the infant toothpastes listed as "safe for consumption" that I have seen have petroleum derivatives.  Baking soda works well as a toothpaste, too.  It can be mixed with salt to make it more effective.  Hydrogen peroxide is a good tooth cleaner but should not be used if there is metal in the mouth.

For babies, Unpetroleum Jelly can be used instead of petroleum jelly, and it includes some skin healing agents, like calendula and vitamin E.  To make a good diaper rash cream, melt a little and stir in a bit of zinc oxide powder until perfectly smooth.  Weleda also makes good baby diaper creams and ointments.   Do not buy diaper wipes which contain petrochemicals like propylene glycol. There are some "natural care" types that do not contain it or see the Recipes and Formulas section for ideas how to make them oneself.


Aubrey Organics







Camdengrey Essential Oils

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