Hulda Clark

The Cure for all Diseases (download PDF) is a complete reprint of Hulda's book which discusses many different illnesses. She also has ones specifically on AIDS, Cancer, and Advanced Cancer.

Zapper Tips is an article which details ways to get the most out of a Clark zapper and otherpad devices.

Who is Hulda Clark?

Hulda Clark Speech Transcript from the 2005 Rife Conference (PDF)

Syncrometer Notes are from an exchange on the Rife list between people building and using Clark syncrometers.

Some of Hulda's non-electronic modalities are addressed in the Naturopathy section of this website.


The Dr. Clark Research Assn is an authorized website featuring Clark recommended products and regimens.

The Self-Health Resource Center also sells Clark-certified products and contains a lot of information on her therapies.

The Zapper Guy, formerly known as Ten Dollar Zapper, makes a number of inexpensive but high quality zappers, including a much recommended three frequency unit. They originally builts a tiny zapper integrated into the cabling for the smallest zapper possible.

The Super RAVO Zapper is built in Czechoslovakia and is more of a function generator with built-in programs for a number of common maladies, with one of them a programmed Clark cycle. Very user friendly and with adjustable voltage (5-15v), timing cycles, and other parameters, it is a large rechargable unit with an optional plasma tube unit.

Sota Instruments once sold the most advanced and cost-effective zappers, but with government pressure, they stopped. However, they still do sell other advanced bioelectronic devices.'s commercial arm has zappers and other supplies for sale, and also has links to the new Plate Zapping technique. The schematic of her basic zapper and the easy-to-follow construction instructions are available here, too.

Richard Loyd describes how to build a zapper which keeps the wave square while being used, which may increase effects.

Zapper Plans has plans for a zapper which uses a CD4069 hex inverter instead of a 555 timer. There are no claims regarding effectiveness of this design versus a regular zapper. The boards are offered for sale premade for $10 which includes shipping, so with adding a case, handholds, and such and the price is still below $20 (although there is no on/off switch, so removing