Recipes and Formulas

Formulas for many of the widely available commercial supplements often recommend by Electroherbalism are given in the article Favorite Supplements. Other recipes and formulas for non-toxic topicals, insect control, yard care, and cleaners are given in the Toxin Avoidance section as well as in the Links section below.

Here are some recipes for foods which are hard to find or expensive unless made oneself.

Essential Oil Recipes

Air Freshener and Diffuser Formulas - Blends and single essential oils that can be used to make air fresheners or used directly in diffusers or other essential oil dispensers.


Ghee - Clarified butter suitable for high heat cooking, unlike most vegetable oils and other non-saturated fats.

Vinaigrette - Honey, olive oil, basalmic vinegar, and garlic dressing

Glyconutrients - Sugars that may help fight disease, here are some low-cost ways to get them as opposed to expensive supplements.

Cultured Cabbage Juice - One of the most effective supplements to solve intestinal tract problems caused by overgrowth of bacteria, intestinal or systemic fungal infections, intestinal damage, and many other problems, and is very inexpensive to make.

Kefir - A yogurt-like drink that may provide more benefit than plain yogurt since it contains cultures of soil-based and other beneficial bacteria.

Quark - A soft, unripened cheese with the texture and flavor of sour cream.


B Vitamins - cooking down yeast to make a B vitamin-rich supplement

Pure Blood Formula - strong cleansing formula traditionally used for cancer.


Stick Deodorants

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen and Deodorant Recipe

Cream Deodorant - High strength formula

Escherotic Black Salve - Found at the end of the Skin Cancer regimen article.

Other Healthcare



Make Stuff is a website which features a section on Formulas, Remedies & Concoctions which includes "homemade insect repellent, fertilizers, lotions, potions, bath salts, and so much more." WARNING: Although most of their recipes are non-toxic, there are some which specify petrochemicals like isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, and plain (possibly petrochemical) glycerine for use on the skin. Use only non-toxic ingredients, like grain alcohol instead of isopropyl, virgin olive or other undamaged edible oil instead of mineral oil, and vegetable glycerine instead of plain glycerine.