Electroherbalism Introduction and Warnings

All information presented on this web-site is for educational, entertainment, and historical purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or medical condition.

Never forgo seeing a doctor when ill. Most are skilled diagnosticians and know what works to treat illnesses, especially acute ones. Even minor health problems can quickly become life threatening if not treated or treated improperly. It is a lot easier to rebuild from a round of prescription medicine than from unchecked infection. Complementary health measures are for prevention, failure of conventional treatment, or as an adjunct treatment with permission of your health professional.

The alternative health information on this page reflects my interest in complementary health issues including nutritional supplements like herbs and vitamins, as well as bioelectronics of the Hulda Clark, James Bare, Royal Rife, and Nikola Tesla genre. My official qualifications for recommending any health supplements or regimens: absolutely NONE. I am an engineer. Herbalism, naturopathy, and complementary bioelectronics are hobbies. Suggestions on this website should be starting places for research. Consider that all recommendations are what I would do. For all you know I could be a raving lunatic and some who know me would agree. So, read up on them on other sources and consult a health professional whenever needed.

To be safest, see some of the cautionary web sites mentioned in the "Links" section for warnings about herb and supplement usage. See Michael Murray's books like "Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements" and "The Healing Power of Herbs" for the most reliable information and warnings. See the article Amateur Naturopath and Herbalist Self-Education Tips for more references.

Start on all herbs, vitamins, and other supplements slowly and with caution, ensuring no allergies or other adverse effects. Vitamins can be dangerous taken incorrectly, herbs and minerals even more so. Don't stake your life on one thing you read or you could die of a misprint. If there are any conditions that could be aggravated by changes in diet or by supplements see a doctor, or a health professional qualified and knowledgeable in matters of herbs, vitamins, and nutrition. Especially do not begin taking new supplements if pregnant without checking with your doctor.

Articles written or compiled by Electroherbalism are generally copyrighted but may be reprinted as long as attribution and a link is included to Electroherbalism.com.